The upsetting aspect of Anglet beaches is nowadays indisputable.
We are many to think that fate has no place here and that actual solutions can and have to be provided.
Anglet beaches are our common wealth, and it is everyone’s duty to defend them.
The COLLECTIF LITTORAL ANGLOY was created on october 3rd, 2014, to make sure that our request be taken into account, and enhance a link between citizens which, we hope, will lead to the restoration of our beaches.
Initially founded by a group of users of the beaches of Anglet, this group of non profit organizations and individuals is meant to be open to all citizens, and you can join us right now by clicking on the column on the right side of this page.

Like each particle of sand, each voice counts!

Feel free to email COLIAN

Le sable littoral, un bien précieux à préserver!